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Thank you for your interest in our premium handbag brands LYDC London, Anna Smith and DSUK.

After activating your Gessy account, to apply for an exclusive account we request you to provide us with the below proof of trading.

  1. Business registration certificate.
  2. Purchase invoice from other brands.
  3. Images of your store / shop including interior and exterior.
  4. Link to your official website address.
  5. Utility bills in the name of the business.

Once we receive the above proof of trading, one of our account administrators will review the information before approving you as one of our stockist.

Our selection criteria :


  1. Supply 3 invoices from 3 different stockists / brands. 
  2. Minimum purchase price per piece (Handbags) from current stockists must be £18 or above.


One of our account administrators/account managers will be in touch with you within 24 hours via phone or on an email with our decision.

Please note that our exclusive brands must be sold at a minimum of a 2.75 mark up. 


To request a look book or to pre-order the exclusive brands collection please first complete the steps above.

Once this is complete or if you are an exsisting exclusive brand stockist please contact us via telephone or email to place your pre-order or to request a digital lookbook.



(44) 0161 831 5760

(44) 0161 831 5763

(44) 0161 831 5767

(44) 0161 834 3188

(44) 0161 831 5766

(44) 0161 831 5769

(44) 0161 831 5768



[email protected]